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LKC International

Value Creation-Oriented International Tax Consulting

Our Competences

The issue of transfer pricing has taken on an increasingly prominent role on the agenda of CFOs and Tax Managers in recent years. The further tightening of tax law in many nation states as well as the project being promoted by the OECD and the G20 countries to prevent profit reductions and profit transfers (BEPS) have contributed greatly to this.

One of the core aspects of BEPS is the creation of precise global guidelines for the transfer price formation with the goal of bringing the cross-border profit deferrals resulting from the transfer prices into harmony with the actual value creation. By so doing, mandatorily higher requirements are created for all companies with cross-border activities which affect the planning, documentation and defence of group-internal supplier and service streams.

At the same time, the increasing requirements imposed by the lawmakers create the need for effective IT-supported solutions for efficient management of the transfer prices. Through our portfolio of consulting fields we can offer competent consulting and its implementation in practice in all relevant areas of cross-border profit deferrals. Our comprehensive consulting approach goes beyond a mere tax perspective because the transfer pricing affects entrepreneurial core areas such as development, manufacturing and sales whose goal-oriented controlling and management are a task of company management. Therefore, as your consultant, we must be able to unite entrepreneurial and tax requirements and to thus generate added value–this task is the focus of our comprehensive consulting approach.

Global Network

By definition, transfer prices always affect multiple national fiscal jurisdictions. Moreover, transfer pricing is an interface function of various value-creation areas of the company whose management requires efficient processes and modern tools. Through our network and cooperation partners, we are able to offer a comprehensive consulting approach.

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On the pulse of the most dynamic business areas in the export nation of Germany.


Like almost no other German city, the Swabian metropolis stands for creativity and inventiveness as well as world-renowned products–particularly in the automotive as well as machine and plant construction segments.


The Bavarian world city is an industrial location and hot spot of the digital industry in Europe as well. Munich combines modernity and the Bavarian lifestyle in a charming way.


The area around Freiburg, extending from the border triangle of Germany-Switzerland-France along the Swiss border across the Black Forest to Mannheim, is the headquarters of many medium-sized hidden champions of world renown.

Our location in Freiburg likewise represents the bridge to the important export partners in France and Switzerland.